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released December 31, 2012



all rights reserved


Wall-Eyed Raleigh, North Carolina

Wall-Eyed is a folk-punk band headed by songwriter Wilson Getchell. Wall-Eyed has been through multiple line-ups and has called numerous cities home before putting down roots in Raleigh. Wall-Eyed’s music is characterized by a highly-energetic, lyrically-driven songwriting, which fuses together country, punk, progressive, and rockabilly, and is anchored by Getchell’s strong vocals. ... more

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Track Name: My First Drink
When I was twelve, that's when my mother fed me my first drink,
When we got home, I took her bottle of vodka from underneath the sink,
Then I went out and drank it by myself in her back yard.

When I came to I was looking at pictures of you,
With a heavy head, inside an empty room,
and a decade-plus under my belt.

Just last week, I went home with some girl, I don't know her name.
When I woke up, I was confused as hell to say the least.
A room full of naked people, pointing and laughing at me.
I was terrified, the boys were petrified, you see...

And when I got home I found a broken cigarette on the floor
I put it back together, and lit it off the stove.
And tried to figure out what had gone wrong.

The cheap shots, help me get through
And the long talks with myself are no use
And the take one, always turns into five
And the breaks fail, and I fuck up my life

Now Soviet Georgia is just Georgia and all on her own
All the kids from high school moved away and now they're coming back home.
But you wait in the wing.
Track Name: Push Off
Push off and avoid the rage
Read every single word on the page
Take only the things that you need,
because you'll always be in love with a bar

Woah, now you're caught in the coils
And poisoned by the paint on your toys
You're kicking all your friends in their knees
And working as a security guard.

Woah, now you're stuck in reverse,
and surrounded by irrelevant noise
you can't find anything to believe
and you're borrowing someone else's car

A hold out for fortuitous pause
a chance to rest and sharpen your claws
for a a game of cat and mouse in the street
what you need, is some work.

We've got a ways to go.
before our eyes pop from their sockets
so put down the knife, and come back to bed
stop your tick tick tick tocking abuse
keep pushing on my right buttons,
and I'll fake my own death
then finish out my life on the run

Keep punching out the bright lights and waking up in drag
we don't need to replay the hangups of my habits
shuffle out the way and head on out the door
we don't need to sleep or to settle the score

you're pushing off, you found a way, you say so long
we don't have to wait around, I'm on my own time
you're coming in, you're mouthing off, getting on my nerves

cold sweats and binge drinking vacation
no sex or fighting at the Bennigens
tough love is coming out in droves
in the form of my friends not returning my phone calls

i did what you said, and i'm sorry i did
most people arent living theyre already dead
i'm holding to the turbine, with my moonshine again
Track Name: Tattoo Graveyard
She's a tattoo graveyard, an old neighborhood standard
some people saw she glows in the dark.
And if you're not worried, then you got no courage.
You can't even save your good looks.
You've been knocked down, and pulled out, and caught up in lost time for a while.

There were no accidents or cars on the road
no proverbial landslide or cause for remorse
you're holding the ace card up against your chest

So you're holed up on the other side of town
you've got your ways to keep people around
it's been a long hard morning in your war-torn body
and you just want to watch some tv.
Track Name: Pint of Blood
Something about this conversation is like losing a pint of blood

After a reprimanding lecture from an delicately speaking amiable god

It's like turning tricks in the park or oh
Yeah ending up where you are oh so
You feel asleep on the lawn oh no
On your way home from the bar

So throw the kids in the car, and pawn them off on your mom. Nobody cares who you are...

when you start throwing all the trash in the yard, building model planes in the dark, playing keep away from the cops, and throwing all the trash in the yard

Ima go on my way in a daze on a side street. Ima go do anything that I want
I'm filling out the most popular forms acting standstill and doing every little thing that I want.
Track Name: Politics and Business
Waiting for a shockwave of politics and business
where girls with proper posture have elegant position
we can ride along the steamboat to the center of the collision
where she differs from a scapegoat but falls short of religion

so you went on out now, i guess you're to hear to tell me
that i can write my letters and drink black coffee alone.
I'm not worried though. I'll just comb my hair, pucker up get smooching and stuff. It's gonna be in a song. It's gonna have real lyrics and have me singing them yeah. Which is kind of cool. And then some old picture will have me in it again.

faking in a deep breath, i could do a subset of problems and places and people that I know. Every time i look left you turn into a waitress, no sex no treehouse no plan.

somewhere in a red?black?brown? dress, lying on the floor, she don't need no type of magicians, she just need somewhere to go. and i went looking up all my enemies, but we don't even see them anymore.
Track Name: Before You Reach Waco
Waiting on my drawbacks to soak up in your bed.
You don't like opinions or drinking on the bend.
I don't mean no harm but i think it's time you know
when that bus takes off for dallas, you'll be riding it alone

I packed your bags, they're waiting by the door
here's an US magazine for the road
baby don't cry, you and I know
that you'll be sucking off my enemies before you reach waco

I like wading through the tall grass and wrestling with the dog
postponing important decisions and drinking on the job
I don't mean no harm, but you just get in the way
here's your bus ticket to dallas, now get out of my face
Track Name: Brand New Nintendo
We went up to the mall, you bought me a brand new nintendo
I carried out to the car, we drove away in a volvo.
I went to mowing the lawn, cuz I was earning my keep
but that's about when it all sputtered out. It got cold, damp, dark and drunk and ridiculous. I'd like to give you a call. I got this pain in my side. Maybe I'll see you around. I'd like to do this again.

I wanna write down every thought I've ever had. They're only four or five. I'll pick you up, we'll go around and do some stuff. And I'll make you smile.

I went up to the bar to tell you I'm cashing in my chips. You said, "so much for how's it going. Why are you always such a dick?"
Track Name: Six Chinese Children
Tar sticks to my dog's paw, good people surround a green tree. Six chinese chidlren expose their genitals to a couple that was just passing on by on their way to the art show. Karl Marx is dead; Ted and Bobby french kissing, in their bourgeois condo, somewhere in downtown Toronto that they purchased from a woman who was saving to travel to outer space but she died the next day and every dime she had saved was passed on to her son who blew it all on a horse race in Vegas.

The invisible hand tripped up lucky number seven. At that very moment she waltzed on in. With his eyes glazed over like a white flag of retreat he kindly asked for a handout and a warm place to sleep.

She sat for a moment and looked deep into his eyes but was distracted by the message from earlier int he night. "Self-help through the assertion of no." You see, she'd always been a pushover and didnt want to act like that anymore. With one swift motion of impulsive reaction she spit into his face and made a break for the bathroom. The drunk whore/transvestite at the adjacent table saw the entire turn of events and was particularly offended by the woman's behavior.

With overwhelming frustration from a recent sex-change operation, the bubble hit the pot inside the antithesis of nature. And when it sprung out it was a beautiful thing and when it sprung out it was just like me.

You said what you saw. You wanted it all. You're so sick and tired of waiting up all night by yourself, because you're just like me.
Track Name: Lukewarm Words
Lord, save my soul. I'm all yours. Don't let go.
Together, forever, like tar-stick and feather and a motor bike for two.
It's a kiss on my face. It's a half-loop axle made with grace. It's the tattoo that I'd like erased above my arm. I'll tip my hat to my betters, circumvent atrocious weather and whisper lukewarm words to you.

we both know my head's been lost in the sheets. I'll start saving my money, quit drinking next week. The game is up, she's gone, I'm lost in the yard. I wake up, go home, join the national guard.